Johnny Aint Right live at Monterey Court with special guest John Monfore and Diego Urias. Featuring Julie Buck and T Kelly. A benefit  for the Southern Arizona Blues Heritage Foundation.  Thanks to Jane for great videos.   

Here is a collection of clips from Gaslight Music Halls great new concept. Drive-in Concert Series, We had a blast and so did the folks attending, pizza, strawberry Margarita's, a great stage and great sound people, We really liked the big screens for the folks in the back,

Johnny Aint Right does a Beattles tune Reggae, with John June, Les Meryyhew, Julie Buck, Liz Fletcher, Jimbo Nashu, Rob Francis, and Johnny and he aint right.

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Tucson Estate Music Club presents 

Julie Buck singing a lady day classic, knocks it outr of the park . With John June bass, Liz Flecher,  Rob Francis keys, Jimbo Nashu lead quitar, Les Merryhew drums, T Kelly , and you know,  Johnny,  he aint right