Next Scheduled Show

​Johnny Aint Right hits the Chicago Bar on a Friday Night,  special times 8:30 to 12:30 with T Kelly and Julie Buck featuring Steve Sayer on drums and John June on bass....should be a special night , put on your dancing shoes and come on down.    $5 at the door  

house phone 748-8169

​May 10th,  2019,     Fini's Landing


Past venues , more shows coming soon.......

​Tucson Tennis and Racquet Club

​5:30 to 8:30


We're talking great food and great priced drinks here,  see;  The JAR band cranks it up with Julie Buck and T Kelly singing out front. It will be a special show with Goran Miletic on drums. So come on out, have dinner , and dance on the patio or push back some tables...lets have some fun. Never a cover.

house phone #520-299-1010

​This is one of our favorite venues. We are outside on the lawn and the folks at the Racquet Club set up a bar and fire up the big mesquite BBQ. Great stuff, cheap food and drinks and the kids can jump in the pool. Bring your lawn chair and enjoy the evening.  At the end of Country club just North of Prince Rd